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Jul 28, 2011


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Nice , Congrats to Room To read and thanks to UNSECO for prizing my best organization.

Way to go Room to Read- so well deserved! The books are incredible, beautiful and so locally created.


I have no figures, but it is known that iltaelricy levels among girls in Kenya was slightly higher than that of boys. I say was' because since free primary school education was implemented in 2004, many more girls have started to go to school. Infact, so many new children were enrolled that year the teachers were overwhelmed. Some may since have dropped out for various reasons, and they may never go back so they will basically be illiterate adults. Most illiterate adults in Kenya mostly live outside urban areas, especially in areas where the infrastructure is poor and they have to walk many miles to school. But in most cases, girls are forced to drop out of school due to early marriages. When they have children it becomes very difficult to go back to school. What should be done? Deal with marriage of very young girls.

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